The Beer House American Pub Ocean Springs MS

By Chris Dearman

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Looking for a neighborhood American pub with a laid back atmosphere that offers delicious food, and the opportunity to possibly find your new favorite brew? Then look no further than The Beer House located in downtown Ocean Springs. Recently celebrating their 7th anniversary, The Beer House prides itself in providing new and fresh beers for locals and tourists alike.


"We have the largest selection of beer on tap in the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” said owner Arturo Barajas. "There are 45 beers on tap, and we never replace the same tap with the same beer. None of the beers stay on the line for more than a month, so you can count on beer that is always fresh.”

Sharing a large beer garden with Mosaic Restaurant & Bar, which won the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce-Main Street-Tourism Bureau’s Restaurant of the Year award earlier this year, you can order award-winning cuisine from a wide variety of sophisticated dishes from all over the world. You will find tapas, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, and vegetarian dishes that are bursting with flavor, as well as signature platters, salads, pasta, burgers, and sandwiches.


Having eaten their fantastic food on many occasions, during my latest visit I came determined to find a new favorite beer, and I wasn’t disappointed. You can buy beer by the pint, or if you are adventurous like me, they sell eight once flights to try many. Ask for a paddle and chalk, and write down the beers you find interesting. If you are not sure what to try, just tell whoever is working behind the bar what kind of beer appeals to you, and they will be more than welcome to offer suggestions.

"I try to keep about half local, and I consider beer brewed in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana local, and then the rest with specialty kegs and beer that is trending,” said The Beer House manager Daniel Barajas. "It depends on the season. There are some that are year-round, but I try to get ones that are special.”


After asking him what his favorite of the moment was, Daniel had me try the I'm Peach, an American Double IPA brewed with peach from Stone Brewing Company. With a hearty 8.8% abv, this fantastic, full-bodied beer has a pleasant peach and floral aroma, with a lingering finish that has a mild bitterness balanced by the fruit sweetness. I already have plans to come back for more before it’s gone.

While I enjoyed most of the many beers I sampled, the other stand-out on my visit was an easy drinking beer called Lemon & Ginger Radler from Karbach Brewing Co. With an easy 3.5% abv,  the blend of lemon, ginger, and a golden beer is the perfect thirst quencher on a hot Mississippi day. 


With technology these days, you can easily find out what beers are on the menu by looking up The Beer House on a phone app called DigitalPour. You can find an up-to-date listing of what’s on tap, how full the keg is, and prices. You can also find what they have coming soon for you to keep your eye out for. Another tool you can use is the phone app Flock. It’s a digital loyalty punch card where you can earn a free beer. You even get your first pint at The Beer House free the first time you use it.

The Beer House is open seven days a week, opening at 11 am Monday through Saturday, noon on Sundays. Be sure to visit on Monday’s when all beers are half-priced. Tuesdays you can get half-priced local brews, and Thursdays are $2 off everything. Also, plan to spend the last Thursday of each month at The Beer House to enjoy buy one get one free pint of a newly designated keg each month until its empty. 

The Beer House

1010 Government St. 

Ocean Springs, MS 39564

(228) 818-9885



Chris Dearman