Government Street Cottages. Best Places to stay in Ocean Springs, MS

By Tricia McAlvain

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Government Street Cottages is the number one go-to spot to stay in the City of Ocean Spring's downtown district.  Named for the street it is located on, it is the main street running horizontally with the coast to the south and highway 90 to the north.  Located amongst the quiet tranquil setting of a church and the Mary C. O'Keefe Museum across the street, the cottages are nestled under huge tranquil trees in a natural landscaped setting.  Recently, I had the wonderful experience of soaking it all up for the sole purpose of writing this article. The City of Ocean Springs has always been a top pick of mine from all the cities along the Gulf Coast. I immediately jumped on the chance for a little staycation.
What I like about Ocean Springs is that it is a coastal/business type of city where the international art culture meets southern coastal comfort and exudes a vibe all on its own. It is a passionate community full of business owners who are homegrown, yet with global cultural experiences, they have been able to bring to the Gulf Coast and make an impressive impact in their own way. 
Everyone you come across while staying in the City of Ocean Spring's downtown district seems genuinely happy to see you share their story and their city with you. Then they take it a step further by embracing your thoughts and experiences, become your friend and welcome you to make the community a place you'll want to be a regular guest.
Staying at the Government Street Cottages allows you to soak up the natural beauty of the Coast which is just a few blocks away. The pristine public beaches are at the end of Ocean Springs Inner Harbor where the views are picturesque and beckon you to snap a few selfies and capture the beauty with your lens. The docks are lined with shrimp boats, sailboats, and fishing boats to take your breath away. Enjoy a walk on the Shearwater Park Trail and Shear Water Pottery which are both nearby along with Ocean Springs Harbor. 
Have an urban exploration after dark as all the hip spots are within walking distance.  You will feel the art culture, classy heritage, and the abundance of a wide variety of mom and pop shops where they embrace the cultural traditions and values which make their coastal city a perfect destination.  
Owners of Government Street Cottages, Mr. and Mrs. JJ and Serre Harris are the prime example of a little Gulf Coast Americana family.  Boasting a happy marriage of 10 years, they are proud to have now put a decade or more of hard labor working behind them. They are changing it up a bit by working together and having fun with it.  JJ is that "Top Gun" nice guy meets southern coastal business. He left his days of being a civilian pilot in the oil and gas industry behind to focus on his life and family here on the coast. Serre has a nursing background with a certain spirit of flare and creative soul. She has the beauty of an angel and a business mind.  They have raised their family here, and according to JJ, it just makes sense to re-invest in the place where they grew up, and where they intend to stay. Together they have created a coastal destination for their guest that is unlike anywhere else.
The organic setting of four private, immaculate, and spacious rooms are made from two cottages connected by a naturally landscaped yard featuring azaleas along the walkways. The names of the rooms are a hint of the coastal hospitality in store for you; Live Oak, Lighthouse, Magnolia and Bluewater.  Enjoy the relaxing rocking chairs on the large southern style front porches. The high vaulted ceilings, modern fixtures, oversized showers, fresh luxurious linens, free Wi-Fi, and televisions in the front room and bedroom are understated elegance. One entire unit is completely ADA Compliant being furnished to accommodate handicap guests with wheelchair accessible entry, with a large shower, handicap parking and ramp.
In the front cottage, you could even enjoy catching beads from the porch during one of Ocean Spring's many annual Mardi Gras parades. Or step out the door right into the fun on any given weekend when annual festivals take place in this downtown district. The cottages also provide ample private parking for guests, which is a nice perk during your stay.
If you want to feel at home with a private and luxuriously quaint feel, away from the hustle and bustle, book your room now, at the Government Street Cottages in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  I can say from personal experience, you'll enjoy calling it your home away from home.
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Tricia McAlvain